Peer pressure is a common encounter so undoubtedly this could be expected. Long ago in a high school there were girls who were best friends. They were in a group of 4 friends. Their names were Sara, Jamie, Layla and Ayshea. They were kind and were always willing to help each other and to help others. Until one day, when Jamie decided that it was time to do something different from the others. She started becoming rude and got into plenty of fights. Her friends were quite shocked to see the sudden change in her. They had no idea what they should do. They tried speaking to Jamie, but Jamie never took interest in what her friends had to say.

Eventually, her friends decided that it was time that they went to an adult to complain. The adult was Jamie’s mom; her mom knew nothing about what was going on. She was shocked that Jamie had been doing wrong things. Her friends decided not to be friends with Jamie because Jamie would be a bad influence on her friends. Soon enough, Jamie’s mom decided that it was time she spoke with her. Her mom spoke to her and asked her why she had this sudden change in her behaviour. Jamie then explained to her mom that whenever she was with her friends she felt left out, like they were trying to avoid her and always said rude things about her.

Her friends admitted that what she had said was true. Eventually, Jamie decided that it was time she got herself a few new trustworthy, caring and respectful friends. She decided that Sara, Layla and Ayesha were actually not the right type of friends for her. They all apologised to each other and soon enough they all were with new friends because they knew neither of them were good enough to be friends with each other. The only way that helped to change their behaviour was the talk they had with their parents and that they were sent to an anti-bullying program. Soon enough, they were sent home for the holidays; when they returned home they all were changed.

They were kind, helpful and they didn’t fight anymore. The girls decided that it was time they forgave each other for all the wrongs that each of them had done. It was time that they got together to become trustworthy friends again. Ever since then there were hardly any fights between them, and if there were any fights they knew that they had to sit down and talk about it so they could get a solution to the problem. Most people tried keeping them away from each other, but fortunately it did not happen.

They would always get together and do things together like go out to the mall, eat with each other and spend as much time as possible with each other. Who knew that suddenly they would all end up together. It is very seldom that a person finds friends like these girls, who would resolve all theirs problems and forgive one another just so that they could be together. Eventually their group started building up, and they started making new friends with other girls. They made a new friend and her name was Zara, but little did they know that this girl would be cause them to break apart again and be the start of all the problems in their lives. Zara was a pretty girl but she had a very ugly personality. She would always go around picking on other learners; she was a bully. No one ever liked her, but Sara, Jamie, Layla and Ayshea would always stand up for her and would prevent her from getting in trouble.

Suddenly, one day Zara decided to cause problems in Sara, Jamie, Layla and Ayshea’s life. She sent messages from Ayshea’s phone to Layla’s phone and from Sara’s phone to Jamie’s phone. They were all so surprised and angry upon seeing the messages that were sent to them. They were rude and ugly comments. They all decided that nothing could separate them again so they got together and spoke about it. They were surprised upon hearing that they had received such messages, but Zara had not received such messages. Eventually they came to a decision that Zara was behind this. Zara owned up and accepted that all that was her doing.

Thereafter, Zara was sent to a Reformatory School, which was for naughty and rude children. The girls decided that, no matter what, they would not be in the wrong company with others. Therefore, they said it was better when just the four of them were together than when they made new friends.


Tell us: How do you deal with peer pressure?