Education is important. We have the right to education, so with pleasure let’s show love and respect to education. Indeed, in my mind I imagine it as boxing gloves that you’ll use boxing your obstacles in the future. While you are awake, dream on, live on, and imitate the life we are living. Go on that journey to get that treasure and inside is a master key that will open many doors for an individual. It’s a pity our elders see youngsters occupied around the streets drunk and choosing the wrong path, but some of us think we know what we are doing.

Our right to education has it all, and I kindly appreciate the service in private schools and its facilities. I kindly speak of the teachers, their endurance, and their love of teaching that gives me feelings of joy. That is why I exhale these words technically. In schools, the elder ones see weird habits. Indeed, we youngsters have a bad habit of using substances at an early age that is medicinal, intoxicating, you name it. So there are different substances like whoonga that is similar to nyaope and mixed with bicarbonate of soda, pool cleaner, and cheap heroin. The price reaches a minimum of forty rands, and those substances mug our pockets, leaving us dead broke, whereupon there is not even a cent left of the pocket money.

Education needs your focus as a person, and you need to invest time in learning so better days will come. Once you’ve learned something then you’ve done a good job. Now, speaking of what I’ve embarked on at school is extremely hectic because I feel so emotional to watch people fight at school. You would hear the noise of children screaming, shouting, and banging on desks “ilwani!” (meaning fight). Obviously, that is not what we as students came for.

All I know is at school we go to learn, so in my perspective I would see it a good habit to shout “asifundeni!” (meaning learn), and educators will see the care we students have towards education. Perhaps educators will end up instructing for the rest of their lives and never think of quitting their teaching careers, which is somehow disrespectful to educators.

Educators lead by example to society and build us to being entrepreneurs and leaders, which means their labour work is important to each youngster living in modern life. Also, you should know that the English language has become the image that reflects your knowledge because starting an English sentence with broken pronunciation makes some people think you are silly. With pleasure, in honour of our right to education, I say I love education and so do you.