My life changed after my grandmother died. My biological parents died when I was seven years old. My grandmother took me to her place where she was staying with his son, my uncle. I enjoyed living with them until my grandmother died.

I didn’t have a problem staying with my uncle because I was used to it. One day, I came home from school and saw him drunk in the house, and the house was dirty so I cleaned up while he was sleeping. After that I went to bed and slept because I was too exhausted.

Later that night, I found my uncle in my room naked. I screamed but he pointed me with a gun to shut me up. He tied my hands and raped me. He closed all doors for some months, locking me down, assaulting me every single day up until I got pregnant with twins.

After months, my school friends and teachers came by to check up on me but they were just wasting their time because my uncle had locked all doors. He took me and the babies to another city in Limpopo where he was hoping to start a new life with me as his wife and his twins. All to find out he was a gangster.

He would give me R5000 every week. I got used to his money. He took me to a private college to study engineering, and I made friends there. They helped me a lot and advised me to go to a psychologist. They told me to arrest him as well and I did so. The police took me with their van to my house. We found my uncle at the dining room playing with my twins. They arrested him. I could imagine all. He was crying like a baby. I was worried but happy at the very same time. I lived a happy life with my beautiful babies.

About two years later, I got married to a Nigerian guy who was also an engineer. He gave me and the twins enough love.


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