If it’s love I think I’ve had enough… Why is everything in love got to end?. Why does everything beautiful have to turn into the worst? People come, people go. Then why do they have to come for a short time then leave soon. Why is it the ones we love most, that create a big hole inside our hearts?

Walking away or slipping away from someone’s life creates a wound that leaves you scarred for dear life. Like fresh lemon on a fresh wound. I used to think hurt from someone outside hurts more than hurt caused by the one you love dearly, but I have been learning that it is the opposite.

It’s these wounds that resurface daily, they get fresh and new each second. Wounds caused by people outside heal and teach us a lesson but wounds caused by the ones close to you never heal. It always feels like it just happened yesterday. Why can’t I just have a peace of mind? Why do I have to experience so many hardships in life?
Ever since birth, I knew no peace. Crying is one of the things that’s been defining me lately. I am always “happy” in public, I don’t show how messed up my life is. I have very few moments of happiness and many moments of crying my eyes out until the veins pop up.

I cry in my dreams, I cry awake, I cry whilst laughing, studying, vibing, listening to music, in class and in my nightmares too. I’m the girl who knows no peace; the girl who is living in a light world with a dark present and an unknown future. Life has never been all roses for me, rather thorns, that’s how my life is… not silver and gold but black and red, it never glitters, it never glows.

All my life I have been showing love but the world responds with hate. I know short term love but not permanent love. To me it’s the same as no love at all. Love hurts but hate scars. Time heals but sometimes opens wounds.

Tell us: What positive advice would you give to this girl?