I was doing Grade 9 when I first visited Johannesburg, the city of gold, during school holidays. I had just reached puberty stage. All I was thinking about was the beauty of the palace: those high street lights, nice classic cars (as if I had one) and all the nice times in the Gauteng province.

I was around the ages of 15-16 when I met an isiXhosa girl named Nocebo. I was in Grade 9 and she was doing Grade 7 but as Mother Theresa once said, “forget your age and live your life,” age made no difference cause of the love I had for her since the first time I saw her.

I finally figured that she loved me too and I initiated a formal approach and requested love from her. She accepted my request and made me the happiest person in the entire Johannesburg area! She was beautiful like the feathers of a Christmas bird and I did not expect any acceptance of any nature from her.

I wanted to sleep with her before I could go back to the North West. She loved me so much that we got into bed. As a result of the love that I had for her I didn’t use any protection. I believed that it is better to “strike while the iron is still hot”.

The holidays were then over and it was time to go back home. Five months later I could visit the palace that had what belonged to me, Nocebo. I was all over the moon every time I thought about my Nocebo. My arrival at Gauteng was so hurting and boring. All it had for me was just stories that broke my heart to the fullest. Nocebo was pregnant with my child and her parents had sent her to the villages in KwaZulu-Natal. That is why I am telling you the truth son; I did not leave or abandon you and your mother!


Tell us: Do you think he will return to his son as soon as he gets a chance?