I was in a serious relationship with the girl of my dreams Sne. We were deeply in love, but all that came to an end when she caught me cheating with her younger sister. Sne and I were like a couple made in heaven but separated on earth. We loved each other so much, that our friends and enemies considered us as their role models.

The love we shared together was concretely made of honesty, communication and trustworthiness, which other couples struggle to have. You’d never see us fighting in public or arguing, whenever we had a fight, we would sit down and try to solve the issue, instead of ignoring each other.
I still remember the day when my father passed away, I was so traumatised and cold. Sne, as my partner, came and warmed my cold heart; actually she was there for me, from the beginning of the situation, to the end.

There was this girl called Yanela, who was her younger sister. I was developing feelings for her, she was young and fresh. I tried to fight it but I failed. I wanted to tell Sne that I’m in love with her sister but at the same time I was scared of losing her, I ended up not confessing.
Yanela and I, we were much closer, she took me as her brother, and I hated that because I was dying to have her as my girlfriend. Well it happened that the other day when Yanela was home alone, her family, including Sne, took a Church trip to the Eastern Cape. To be honest, I was so happy inside my heart when Sne told me this.

I saw this as an opportunity to finally confess my feelings I had for her. Yanela invited me to her house, to keep her company as she was bored during the day. When I knocked at the door and she opened, she was wearing a short skirt, as she was preparing for my confession.
We talked and talked for an hour, it was cool and enjoyable. It came to the point where I had to tell her that I love her. I touched her hand, looked her in the eyes and I told her that I love her.

She responded by saying “But, you’re dating my sister.”

“I know, but I love you too, give us a chance, and we can date undercover, without your sister’s knowledge, what do you say?” I asked.

“I don’t know what to say, but I also understand that you have feelings for me, and you love me. At least give me time to think about this” She said. I told her, “Take all the time you need”

Sne came back the next day from the church trip. We met and spent quality time together at her home. While we were talking, my phone rang, I checked who was calling me, it was Yanela.
I ignored it, when she called the second time, I was forced to answer it.


“Hey! I’m outside your home, can we talk”

“Alright, I’m coming just now”

I told Sne: I’m going to the toilet, while I was sneaking out to talk to her sister. I went and talked to her.

“What a lovely surprise! What did I do to deserve such kindness?”

“I’m here to tell you that, I’ve made up my mind” she said.

“OK. So what’s going to happen?” I nervously asked.

“My answer is yes! We can date, and I love you. But we have to make sure that my sister doesn’t find out about us”

“Wow! I don’t know what to say, I thought you were going to reject me. But I’m glad you didn”t, and I love you too, I promise Sne won’t find out about us”
We hugged and kissed. When I turned back, Sne was watching us through the window.

Tell us: Would you date your partner’s sibling?


Tell us: Would you date your partner’s sibling?