“Sometimes you need someone to talk to. Someone who will cheer up your mind,” said the therapist to Angel.

Angel was sixteen years old and she lived with her mother, her two sisters and a brother. Many people would say she had anger issues, some thought she was someone hurt in life.

“But I usually talk to my mom,” Angel said.

“But you don’t tell her everything,” Dr More said.

Angel maintained that she told her mom everything.

“You can lie to her but not to me. You’re a kid, Angel, you have secrets. I think it would be best if you got someone other than your family members,” she continued.

“But I trust no one besides them,” Angel insisted.

“You’re gonna have to try. Get someone to talk to, someone you think you can trust. There must be someone.”

“Who? What if they betray me?”

“Someone close to you, some who’s always caring when it comes to you.”

After some time Angel decided to go to Dr More, as she was starting to see her problem. Angel would talk to herself, answer people harshly and be short tempered. Angel had many people to talk to, many people loved and enjoyed her company but she trusted no one and gave none of them enough time.

Talking to her mom made no difference. Talking to herself affected her emotionally and made her feel stupid and crazy. This time around, she was confused. She kept on asking herself who to talk to.

“A stranger can help,” Dr More suggested.

“But how am I going to talk to strangers?” she asked, confused.

“How do you talk to your friends?”

“Oh, my friends, strangers…there’s a huge difference.”

“Before they became friends they were strangers, isn’t it?”

There was moment of silence. It looked like Angel had no other choice but to get someone to talk to. There was a guy named Sipho who loved Angel even though she never paid attention to him. But after her conversation with the doctor, Sipho was the only person she had on her mind.

They met at school. Sipho was noisy. Angel taught herself to talk to him. He became her best friend and she was a normal person after all.

“I’m glad you’re OK,” the doctor said, smiling.

“It’’s all because of you, thank you, Dr More!”

“Trying new things rebuilds you…my pleasure!”

Tell us: Do you have someone you can speak to when you have something bothering you?