I dreamt I was being chased by the police. From that night on, my mind was not able to let it go. I went to a prophet to ask for guidance but, I never had a perfect time to talk about it.

After four days, when the police were patrolling the streets, I ran to catch the bus at the bus stop because I was already late. And then the police caught me as a suspect because they saw a person a few minutes before, robbing a shop. And the moment he saw the police car he ran away.

By the time I entered the cells I just started crying, not because of fear but because of the dream I had. The dream was just the way it had happened. My mom came to visit me with her pastor. I felt at home around the pastor.

After a week I went to the church. By the time I was praying the prophet came and told me all that had happened was because God wanted me in jail so that I would learn to worship His name.

One day I went to the prophet again and asked why did God let me go to jail and the prophet responded because he wants to use you against his child. From that day on, when I realised that God needed, me I decided to worship His name. The case was withdrawn. And now I am the one who preaches the word on Sundays.

Believing in God will make you live a happy life and enjoy every moment of it.


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