My life was a mess, I stole because I was not perfect. I did it for the reason that, to myself it was something I had to do to be normal, people judged me and spat on me.I did it because I was trapped and life seemed to be hard, ‘oh my god’ my live was moving backwards. I was stuck and my dreams were slipping away. I tried to hold them, but I was weak.

People saw me as an animal, to them I was no longer human and I did not have gifts or talents. I had no other choice but to choose that path, I had to steal to buy myself school clothes and supported myself.

I was poor and I did a lot of wrong, but what mattered was that after everything -I had ‘changed’. I was a loser changed, because my dreams and hopes were still there. I saw them, that’s why I changed, to fulfil my dreams and desires.

There was a time when I thought that, I would never be the man I am today. There was a time when I told myself that I had no future and that I would be just like my father, an alcoholic. I gave up and lost it all, my hopes and dreams. I even believed that I had no soul, it felt like I was in prison.

That pain was something good, it was part of the price I had to pay. I didn’t run away from it, but instead I embraced it and it pushed me forward.

Don’t judge a person by his sins or his looks, ‘change’