The blessings I receive every day from God make me think that I’m living in a world of magic. It makes me realise that my God is alive. When I look at it, I keep on detecting things that no one detects.

It’s the beginning of the new year, everyone is looking stressed about their lives, but I’m happy and prepared to live again. I know that life sometimes can surprise us with difficult tasks but me on the other hand, I’m already prepared to deal with those tasks that are coming my way. The reason that I’m ready is because I know that God is always with me.

As the sun rises I stand alone on the tree and look at everyone walking around and ask myself why aren’t there many that believe in God?

But then I remember that living on the same planet and speaking the same language doesn’t mean that we all have the same beliefs.

The magic of the world around me taught me a lot. Sometimes as people we fail to be where God wants us to be by going against his will. Sometimes as people we fail to see His magic in our lives because we listen to our peers badmouthing Him.

Well today as someone who loves God, I decided to visit the nearest church on New Year’s Day. I wanted to see if they also experience the same magic I experienced with God.

As I walked straight to the church door, I saw everyone greeting me with a smile, some came through to take a selfie with me and some interviewed me about the God I prayed to. For someone who went there to visit I didn’t expect to be questioned, in fact I started to get scared and asked myself out of the 100 people who pray, why am I the only one being asked about God?

The pastor noticed that something was bothering me and he came to me and touched me. Smiling he said, “Don’t mind them, they’re new in this industry of the mighty God.”

After the pastor said that I started to feel comfortable again because I realised that as someone who grew up in their eyes, is it unbelievable to see the person that I’ve become today.

Many people know my background. As I was growing up I used to eat on the street and go from house to house and asked them to send me to the river to fetch water and when I came back they’d give me food. Some gave me money and others didn’t give me anything, they would simply say, “Thanks Nana we have nothing today but when we have something we will call you.”

Honestly, it wasn’t easy for me but with the kindness of God, today I passed that point and I managed to give my siblings a healthy life.

I managed to achieve all my goals. Today I’m able to bake that bread I used to beg from people, today I also have a place I can call home.

For everything God has done for me and my family I decided to praise him and share my story with people. Let them know that God is with them and as long they keep on working harder and believing in Him he is going to help them pass their struggles. When I share my story I keep telling people that before you expect a lot from God, start by appreciating the little you have.

Most of the time when I share my story with people they look happy and inspired. They always tell me, “You should visit us again and tell us more of your story.”

This really shows me that there are many people who face poverty the way I faced it, and that encourages me to help them.

After the church service, I was sitting at home with Gogo.

“Hey Nana you look troubled today, what’s eating you?”

“Gogo, it’s the reaction of people I saw when I was at church. It makes me realise that when you’re poor there are not many people who believe in you. Many believe that you’re gonna grow up and smoke nyawope, become a drunkard or a slave to other people.”

Gogo laughed at me, “No Nana, in life you shouldn’t pay attention to what people think about you. Just go with what you think is right and do it. Let them see the magic of world around you.”

After the conversation with Gogo I started to believe that I was living in the magic world where God kept on changing everything that looked bad in me; He changed it to be good and for that I will always praise Him.


Tell us: Do you agree with the advice from Gogo, that you shouldn’t pay attention to what other people think? Why?