Had I realised earlier how ideal this world is, with plenty of great opportunities that surround me, it could have only taken the wise to open their eyes and see beyond the misted eye.

The obscurity and mist that cover the eye and fill the mind with pessimistic and influenced ideas allowed great opportunities to slip away right through my unoccupied folded hands. My blinded eye failed to lead the deserted heart to acquiring the desire of exploring new adventures. The fear that escaped Pandora’s box terrorised my pathetic life.

Honestly I would say, all the emotions that emitted Pandora’s box possessed the environment. Fortunately, every little cloud has a silver lining. Out of all the feelings and emotions embodied in the box, one kept me going. It was hope. The purity of hope clears and calms the mind. In the midst of it all, hope gave me comfort like a monkey in a banana bath. Hope brought undisturbed tranquillity. It’s really astonishing how hope gives one a futuristic outlook that drives the ambition where the destination is always a wakeup call to discover the magic of the world around us.

Somehow I felt entitled, I felt as if the world owed me. I expected opportunities and victory to be showered upon me. I had gone to school, worked extremely hard and had sleepless nights, books were my daily bread. Why should I sweat and suffer just for mere vacancy? I passed with flying colours, did I not contribute to the country’s matric pass rate at least? I just didn’t get it. I had that toxic sense of entitlement that got me nowhere, but held me back from prospering. I was a contribution to the poverty and the unemployment rate. I had to get a grip and take action.

Meditation is all it took for my microscopic eye to awaken. Things were clearer, closer, and brighter than the initial perspective I had about this imperfect world. It was crystal clear to the mind that this world is intrinsically imperfect and therefore the phrase “I’m perfect” is bogus. It shall dwell on our lips because it was born on this world of deceit.

Ultimately, my brain started working. I encountered several discoveries, regrets, shed tears and most significantly my ‘aha’ moment paid me a visit. I discovered that as much as I crave success, I don’t hunt for it. I folded my hands and slept while others worked and sat in their ivory towers. The black cloud of laziness hung upon me. I chose to seek deliverance instantly.

I discovered that nobody in this life shall help you unless you rise up and help yourself. You seek help, display what you have to offer to the world and you shall persevere and survive. My discoveries continue. I discovered that we all have that sparkle, the quality, the warmth and the worth that no else could possess. God Almighty placed a miracle within us. Hard work towards your work, commitment towards your goals, belief that it shall come into existence and optimism is everything we need to ignite the sparkle within us and enlighten this world. A more enlightened world shall abolish the fog in people’s eyes and the ignorance in the minds because we shall all be seeing the magic of the world around us.

With all the educated people this world has, the geniuses, the prodigiously gifted, we can work together, harness our will and accomplish the immeasurable. Procrastination is the enemy of success. My diminutive self-esteem was too ashamed to encompass the symbolism of failure. This was my time to retrieve prosperity to my possession.

Everything together is magic but we choose to view it from the ignorant eye of man. We have brains in our heads. We have feet in our shoes. We can steer ourselves in any direction we choose. A positive mind-set is the most valuable weapon a human being can use to conquer the obstacles of this world. It is not easy to influence everyone to embark on their own journey of self-discovery. This world is far from being ideal but yet so magical. The root is bitter but how we choose to fertilise it will make the fruit sweet.


Tell us: Do you agree that in order to get something you really want, you have to work for it? Why?