Just when I was about to spread my wings and fly, somehow they got clipped off; so sad. While you, a humble person, try your best to do good in life, they seem to plot as if you weren’t going to continue being your own humble old self, as if you weren’t going to continue to look out for them.

I was never selfish towards others, but to myself. I would always consider others before myself and I’d always end up being left behind. I guess people fear others succeeding simply because of their own mentality. They picture you doing what they would have done, if they could have been patient.

I might not be successful with owning possessions, but I’m successful because of the kind of person that I am now. They’re stuck wondering how she kept on. They blocked every doorway leading to victory. They claimed the very same treacherous tree planted to harvest fruits meant to keep them from regrets on empty stomachs and craving hearts.

I would have fled for the very same human needs, but how could I when they clipped off the wings of a meek soul with pure intentions? I’m grateful for their deeds. They thought they were killing me, but because of their wickedness towards me I received blessings each and every day. I fear for them for they are only creating a hole unknowingly, straight to darkened cells, something that they might regret when it’s too late. If only they could see behind their wickedness, they might be saved. Who knows how many rainy blessings they might render.


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