Once upon a time in a far, far away land there lived a farmer name Henry. Henry had four beautiful daughters and a farm. The girls’ names was were Amber, Stanzee, Ariana and Sofia. Amber was the oldest and Sofia was youngest.They were all beautiful but Sofia was the beauty queen. Her hair was long and black, eyes blue as the sky, lips red as a red rose and her skin was bright and shining as like cocoa. The sister’s love for each other was unconditional.

One sunny day, Henry decided to take his daughters for a walk on the farm. While they were walking through the farm, listening to the sound of the birds, their father fell because of high blood pressure and died. The sisters grieved for days and they felt lost, disheartened, unsecured insecure, and abandoned in the world. But with all of that, they still held on to their faith in God.

As the years, months, days, hour’s and minutes passed by, they forgot their sorrow and started to look at the future. Happiness came back in the sisters’ lives. The sisters managed their farm and they felt at peace.
There came sadness on a faithful fateful evening. The sisters were on their farm, when the wind started to blow and it became so strong that it destroyed their farm. Once again they felt that pain that they once felt when their father died. The sisters decided to seek for work. Early that one morning, they got up and went in searching for a job . Later Amber got to work in the bakery, Stanzee found a job at the inn, Ariana got a job at the fashion industry and little Sofia found a job at the King’’s palace. When they got home, they told each other the good news and they celebrated that night and went to bed.

The next morning, they all got up and went to work. They worked very hard and they were always determined to learn new things every day. At first, nobody liked them at their working places. They were abused and mistreated but they motivated themselves to work harder and as time went on, everybody started to liked them. Even when the sisters were so very busy, they always sat at their dinner table and talked about their experiences at work.

One day, Amber’s boss asked to marry her and she was filled with joy and said yes to yes. But later she felt sad because she knew that, she would be separated from her sisters. When they all got home, they sat at the usual place and Amber told them what had happened but with tears in her eyes. But her sisters were so happy that she grown conscience and they told her that they were was getting married too.

Sofia explained to them that she was getting married to the prince. Ariana told her sisters that she was about to get married to one of the designers and Stanzee said the master of the inn asked to marry her and she agreed. The sisters celebrated their oncoming weddings and for the first time in a long time, their laughter filled the house and travelled through the dark sky and they felt at peace.

Preparation for the weddings begun and when it was time for their weddings, the sisters wore the same identical wedding dresses. Their dresses were beautiful, it shine, they shone bright and their crowns where made of diamonds. The wall of the wedding hall was designed with different types of roses and anglers. As the sisters matched in, roses could fall on them and the people could sing sweet songs and the sisters eyes were filled with tears of joy. The wedding was great, after the wedding, they moved into their new homes and lived very happily.


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