Couples do not always have their best moments. We fight and get along again just fine. My boyfriend and I met earlier last year and I believed we would be far by now but I believe God’s timing is the best timing. Malefetsane saw something in me that I never saw, he wanted to make me his wife and had big plans for us.

Babe is eight years older than I am and is obviously more experienced in life than I am. He’s met my mom on so many occasions. I’ve met his granny and it wasn’t the best time of my life. I was sick then and she refused to help me.

I disliked his family since then! This has blinded me from seeing any kind of future with my babe. I love him but not enough to look past what his granny did to me. He’s a good and learned guy but is that enough to risk my life for?

Don’t get me wrong but I fail to understand why his granny hates me so much. Yes, I won’t be living with her but eventually if we get married that woman will become family. I don’t want her as family!

I’ve got seven tattoos and I lost my virginity in matric. I was wild before babe captured me into his warm heart. I’m trying to love him beyond my dislike for that woman who brought him up. How could I dislike the person who raised the man I love? If only Google had answers for such questions! I hear it’s common to be hated by the man’s family, but come on! Babe had come to sleep over my house and that’s where the issue started! He’s old enough to sleep wherever he wants, besides she didn’t want him coming home knowing very well he was dating me!

Will she remain a thorn in my foot forever? Where was I when she was dating whomever she wanted? Is it too late to get off this chaotic bus? What will happen the day babe is forced to choose between his family and me? Will he even choose me? I always ask myself the same questions.

I’m in too deep now. I love him so much that if it ever happens that he left me for his age group, I’d be shattered and broken. But I would never kill myself.
I’m not even sure I want to marry him and go stay with the woman I despise so much. It haunts me at night.


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