Lulu was a beautiful girl. She liked to smile and laugh, she was also a friendly person. That night she was in her bedroom and it was raining outside, sitting on the corner of the bed her phone was in her right hand. The exam pad and the pen were next to her on the left side of her left hand.

Lulu was looking at the rain on her windows and deep down she was imagining the window crying. She grabbed her exam pad and started to write a letter.

Dear self
I am looking at a crying window wondering what it feels. It got me thinking about you and your past. You have been through a lot these past few years.

I’m still praying that you will find a way in the future to stand up for yourself and not let words control you. I write this letter because I want to remind you of things I think you forgot. You didn’t just forget, you drove yourself in a direction that changed you. I know we all change when we see new things but for you, these past years have been difficult for you.

You even did things that you never thought you would do, I know in life everything has its own time. Remember you may do bad stuff or think you wrong, sometimes we even call ourselves bad names.

But today I know you feel empty, you feel like you are alone with no one to talk to. You feel like the world has turned on you. Don’t think of the bad things that have happened, but all the good that will still happen for you. Please tell yourself this:

You special, strong, tell yourself, “I’m ready,” with these words you will make it. Don’t let easy words beat you down. You are beautiful the way you are.

I will advise you, nothing is more beautiful than the person that knows what he/she wants. People will gossip, many things will happen, but never forget your path.

Yours faithfully

After the rain, Lulu decided to get into bed, she was already in her pyjamas, when she was ready to switch off the light she said, “Lord I don’t ask for a lot but what I’m asking for is to be better one day and be happy. Amen.”

She switched her light off and went to sleep.


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