I remember well the day Matric results were released. I had to go around my village to check whoever had a newspaper. I saw my name there…with some As in the brackets. I had passed with flying colours. I can tell you, nobody ever said β€œcongratulations” to me. No one! I mean not a single person. I mean even those who had just passed nje with a mere pass, chickens were slaughtered for them. I had to pat myself on the shoulder and congratulate myself.

I got myself in the room and thanked God.

Now Grade 12s, I had no one to say β€œget up, read your books”. My motivation was the dream I had, my family situation. I wanted to change it. I was surrounded by motivation. I stayed in a motivation (RDP house). I ate motivation (not so fancy food). Matric is like a penalty. You decide whether you score and root out the poor background in your family or allow it to continue.

Looking at your Mom who is washing clothes for neighbours so that you can eat should motivate you. Don’t you wanna push a trolley at Woollies with your mom, going to the till to swipe for her? Okay, now stop acting like o ngwana wa Patrice Motsepe and prepare for your Exam; the only golden ticket to your bright future.

This message is from my heart.

Life has issues; personal, relationship and friendship, we can’t avoid that. The best way to expect the best is when you create your own path. Whatever you plan, there is never to be “No” between because you are captain of your dreams.