South Africa has a Bill of Rights which were set to protect every living citizen in our country as part of the change of the Democracy in 1996. The most important Human Right to me is the Right to Freedom.

I believe that Freedom is a feeling, and I feel freedom when I throw my hands up in the air and know that there are people who fought for my Freedom. I am happy about the fact that South Africa is a free country because you can do almost anything you want without reporting to anyone or carrying any passes. I feel Freedom because I can go to any school I want, to any area I feel like going to and that is Freedom to me. I am glad to be a Born Free because I didn’t have to live through what people experienced in the time of apartheid. I am also proud of the people who went to war just to make my future a better place with no racism. Now, there is Freedom and South Africa does not have to be divided just because we are different in complexion. We must unite because we are all one.

I feel Freedom when I go to the beach with my friends knowing that nature is for everyone, that there is not any beach for Whites only, Indians only, Coloured only, and Blacks only. I feel Freedom when I know that I can be treated equally just like other people. Freedom is not only for people who were born in South Africa. Freedom is for everyone who lives in South Africa because once you enter the country of South Africa you are already a South African and deserve to have the same equal rights that people have. Freedom is feeling free and knowing that you are a South African who is protected by the law and has rights.

Freedom is much more important to me than any other right because I wear anything I want without being judged. I can live at any place I want. I don’t have to be imprisoned for walking into a White restricted area because they don’t exist anymore. I feel Freedom when I look at South Africa and its beauty and what happened during apartheid, but we still unite as one. Freedom is important to me because I wake up every day knowing that I have a bright future waiting for me to unfold all because of the Legends who gave their lives for me to be free. I am free because I am living in a free country with Freedom.

History is what makes South Africa what it is today. I am a South African, we are all South Africans, and we all have the right to feel Freedom.