My AHA moment happened when I found out that I was pregnant. I was not ready to be a mom. Financially I was struggling a lot, so my world was turned upside down. I asked myself how I was going to tell my mom and everyone else in the family, I was afraid that they were going to judge me. They expected so much more from me, I was going to disappoint them, but I decided not say anything to anyone.

Until my mom found out on her own that I was pregnant, she was so calm about it. She only asked me about it, and I was relieved that at least my mom was aware of it. But the worst was not over, because every plan I had for myself, the dreams I wanted to fulfil, all had to be put on hold, so that I could be a mom.

Even so my mom and my baby daddy were always there for me all time, that made the changes I went through a lot easier and my life changed completely. I had to act and think like an adult in everything I did, I was thinking about what was right for the baby. It was a huge scary situation that I found myself in. I learned how to be a mom and even today I’m still learning, I never planned to be a mom but, I am planning to be best mom I can be to my daughter.

All I can say is when you find yourself in situations where change plays a huge part, don’t be afraid to learn about new things and take chances. So being a mom doesn’t mean you are a failure, you can be a mom and still be successful.

To all the parents and single parents out there, I am proud of you. All I can say is that experience is the best teacher. I had to be a mom to understand my mother.


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