Looking at the silver spoon on the table he could see the rage in his own face. It was like he was looking at his own reflection turning against him. Someone was exposing his dark secrets and this was all written down on a folded paper. This folded paper was out of his reach and he could only reach out to the restaurant where he left it; through his cell phone.

The food on the table turned cold. The guests attending the cocktail party put their forks and knives down and began feasting their eyes on Sifiso. He was speaking to someone on his phone and seemed very upset. Nobody was eating their lunch anymore. Something was eating Sifiso inside and all the guests sitting at the table saw him shrinking into the chair.

“Sifiso!” one of the guests attending the cocktail party shouted.

Sifiso ignored her.

“What do you mean you can’t find it?” Sifiso asked over the phone.

He was speaking to the manager of the restaurant where he forgot the folded paper. The restaurant manager could not find the folded paper Sifiso was looking for and there was nothing he could do to help him.

“You know what sir, stay there, don’t go anywhere. I’m on my way to the restaurant right now,” Sifiso continued.

He pushed himself out the food table and stood up from his chair.

“Forgive me for running out like this, I’ve got an emergency to attend to,” he said speaking to all the guests attending the cocktail party.

He pressed the button on the lift and requested for first floor of the guest hotel. His phone was buzzing with messages and he couldn’t attend to them. He was somewhat absent minded. It was like his head was separated from his body.

As he entered the lift he could feel himself going down. There was a heavy burden on his shoulders pulling him down. The doors of the lift automatically opened for him and he exited the guest hotel and entered the parking lot. He rushed to his car and drove through the exit of the guest hotel’s parking lot.

“Pull over sir, you are under arrest,” said the policeman showing him the warrant for his arrest. “We have evidence in a form of some folded paper with all your criminal activities sir,” the policeman said.

“Let’s go. Out of the car, you are coming with us to the station,” the policeman continued.

Sifiso stepped out of his Mercedes-Benz and handed himself over to the police.

“Put your hands behind your back,” the policeman said cuffing his hands.

They put him inside a jail cell and all kinds of charges were opened against him. The list of crimes associated with him were terrifying for a man of his stature. These criminal acts he was accused of were unlike him. He didn’t look like the kind of man who would kill another human being and hide the body under his own house.

“Hey officer I want my call now, the two hours has passed, give me my call!” Sifiso shouted.

“There is no need for that call anymore, your lawyer has arrived,” said the policeman.

Sifiso’s lawyer was a man dressed in a grey suit. This was the mysterious man who called him earlier while he was still at the guest hotel before the start of the cocktail party. This was the very same man responsible for the folded paper. The very same folded paper with all Sifiso’s skeletons, dark secrets and criminal activities.

“Mr Mathebula,” said the man in the grey suit, disguising himself as Sifiso’s lawyer.

Sifiso’s eyes went wide in shock. He could not believe what he was seeing. It was as if he’d seen a ghost.

“What the hell? It can’t be,” he said. The sight of the man in the grey suit gave him a fright, like there was an awakening of a ghost from his past.

“Yes sir I am the zombie of the business partner you murdered fifteen years ago and buried his dead body under your estate house,” the man in a grey suit said.

Sifiso could not believe what was happening in front of him nor did he expect his own murder victim to haunt him at a police station.

“Officer! officer!” Sifiso shouted calling for the police to come and help him escape from a skeleton of his dark past.

“What is wrong with you sir, who are you talking to?” the policeman asked. He could not see anyone in Sifiso’s jail cell and Sifiso seemed like a delusional man talking to himself.

“Uhm there is a man next to me wearing a grey suit, pretending to be my lawyer; can’t you see him?” Sifiso asked.

The police officer looked at Sifiso like he was a crazy man.

“Are you okay sir, there is no one next to you, you are all alone in your jail cell.”


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