Dear Amanda,

It’s been 967 days, 14 hours and 52 seconds since we’ve been together in this invisible chamber we call love, true love. We’ve been through a lot, but we came out cleaner and stronger than before, and we’re still growing heavier and bolder. All these days we’ve been together taught us one thing: to stay humble and faithful to each other, even if that means losing the world.

That reminds me of how much l care about and adore you. You are the best thing that ever happened to my life, and you’re the only woman that introduced my heart to the romantic world and made my wishes come true. You changed the man I used to be; a man of lonely thoughts that no girl wanted to exchange vows with. You came through and saved my slim soul from burden, and proved to everyone that I deserved to be loved. You made it wise to be the carrier of such kind love.

None of your friends ever liked me, but you didn’t care because we were, and we still are, more than friends, more than soul mates.

I was once afraid. I was afraid of being a part of you, a part of your happiness, but you let me in and I knew I was, and still am, the first man in your life. Sometimes I look at myself and wonder if I really deserve you because I might ruin your reputation in the city. Imagine a painting and decorating student dating The Mayor’s daughter. But you didn’t care about your family’s reputation. Love was the only important reputation you needed, and you had found it in me. You said love is the only key that turns impossibilities into possibilities, and that those possibilities cannot be changed by worldly powers. You’ve kept that up-to-date just as you’ve invested it in me.

My dear, I know I failed you as a man so many times and I also let you down, but you’ve treated me the same. You loved me more than a piece of birthday cake, more than Facebook, more than anything, and more than I do myself.

Amanda, I can’t promise you tomorrow, but I will always be there for you. I will never let this love be defeated. I will always work hard for this love to be able to keep growing wings until the end of Revelations. I know that together we can lift this love to the same place where those with grey hair have reached. Surely we can make it happen if we continue building trust between us, and, if we continue to purify our emotions and body, nothing will come on our way.

I love you Amanda.
Your man, J
With lots of love.


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