Everyone knew the mystery behind this place: children disappeared on their way to school. Puleng had walked from home to school and never come back. She was drugged and taken to a deserted place where the other children of her age were kept. The children were used for human trafficking.

Parents were sad since their search for their children was in vain. Parents kept on reporting the disappearances and opening missing person’s cases.

“I had a plan,” said the mother of Puleng, Thobeka Tia, whose other child also went missing.

“Please tell us,” said one of the community members.

“Thobeka Tia, how did you manage to save all those children?” asked a reporter.

“Actually, I thought of a plan. I had to put another kid in danger in order to save all those children. We sent my daughter to the same spot where other children were being kidnapped. I guess luck was on my side because the kidnappers appeared and drugged Puleng. All we had to do follow the kidnappers without being seen.

We arrived at the hideout and beat them up. They will never repeat such a thing again in their lives. We then handed them over to the police.”

“That was a brave thing to do,” said a reporter from the local Times. “There was no hope, even the police could not help them. We need more people like you Mrs Tia.”


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