I never thought that this would happen, that I’d let all my lies ruin the love I had for the girl who stole my heart. I met her two weeks ago, we chatted and I made her fall for my charms, by using fake names such as “Alex , Miguel, Neil”. I tried to keep my fake identity aside and make her the happiest girl alive, but that all was just a dream until we started to lose contact with each other for two or three weeks.

On the 29 November 2020, we began chatting again, but this time I chatted as Neil. She asked me if I had someone in my life, but I replied, “No, I’m single and you?”.

We began to chat like couples do until she asked for me to be her boyfriend. I said yes without any hesitation because we were a couple. I remember posting pictures of myself on my status. She started asking me questions that I feared she might ask.

Around the time of 13:28 I confessed that I am Alex and Neil, she was so devastated that she was crying.

It was never my intention to hurt her. We decided to break up. This breakup made me realise that lies will always find a way to come out in the open. It took my two to five days to get over it. Lying to people, especially when they’re in love with you, that’s very wrong.

My message is:
-Lies can ruin your life.
-Using a fake identity is not an option.
-Live your life in truth rather than lies.


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