Zinhle is the new hot and smart girl at school so all eyes are on her. She is very nice and friendly too. Pearl, the ‘popular girl’, is jealous that Zinhle might steal her shine.

“Hey girlfriend,” says Pearl, trying to be friendly.

“Hey, how are you?” asks Zinhle, with a huge smile.

“I’m good. So since you’re new you might need company, how would you like to join my squad?” asked Pearl.

“I guess you’re right,” says Zinhle, excitedly.

Pearl invites Zinhle to a party. When they get there, Pearl drugs Zinhle and takes videos of her drunk and behaving like a hooligan. Pearl then posts those videos.

It’s now a Monday and everyone is looking at Zinhle and she wonders what happened.

“Hey Pearl, what’s up with the staring?”

“Well, somebody decided to get drunk, so your drunk videos are circling around school, so uhmm, can you please keep your distance from me?”

Zinhle cried so much that she even tried to kill herself, but her mother talked her out of it and from that day she chose her friends wisely.

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