He was a struggling author by profession and failing in life. 27-year-old Rhys was not working and most of his days were spent in bitter regret over the pitiful state of his life. He was chasing a fantasy and a delusional dream when he finally came to realise the folly of his ways.

There was no guarantee in his generation of becoming successful as an author. Rhys neglected the need of going to study or even pursue a meaningful career. Most people he knew his age were already married, financially independent and well established in life.

She was wearing a grey scarf, a warm smile caressed her gentle face. We met on a snow landscape with no-one present in the park but she and I. My goals held her back for we promised to get married when we became successful in life. However, the Andrea I knew was to loyal to ever leave me and it was for this very reason I held her back from finding what I believed was the happiness she deserved. She needed someone to love her, marry her and give her a family and home. We spoke but she saw the expression on my face become gloomy and depressed.

Rhys wrote in his book that he was working on. He had stopped to go make coffee and take a small break before commencing back with his writing.

“Andrea I will always love you.” I said to her. She sat with tears trickling from her eyes. Against the tides of love I tried to be strong for I burdened Andrea with my senile dreams for far too long. A warm mist came from my mouth every time I exhaled from the chest area of my broken heart. Andrea was my one and only true heart’s desire. I desperately wished to cry but the sobbing from Andrea reminded me that one of us needed to be strong for the other. With my back to her, I walked away hoping and wishing her nothing but happiness and love.

Rhys wrote in conclusion to the ending of his last book that he was ever going to write. Checking the time, Rhys had an obsession of always being punctual for every time he met up with a person. In the bitter cold of a snow day, Rhys was 10 minutes earlier than the person he was supposed to meet up with.

“You looking beautiful Andrea,” mentioned Rhys as Andrea gave him a hug. Just as Rhys predicted, she wore a grey scarf and a gentle smile caressed her face.

“So how’s the writing going?” asked Andrea as she held onto Rhys’ arm while walking.

“I just finished off my book today, before I could meet you here,” replied the serious Rhys while avoiding eye contact with her. She knew something was wrong with Rhys as they sat down on a bench. Removing the snow off the bench, Rhys than held his head in despair.

“So what is it Rhys?” questioned Andrea who became concerned over the anxious looking Rhys.

“All I want Andrea is for you to be happy, and on a serious note I don’t even think I’ll make it in my writing,” mentioned Rhys. “We’ve been through this many times and I’ll always tell you I don’t care about money or materialism. Rhys, so long as I have you I’m satisfied,” said Andrea in her ever gentle demeanour, while trying to touch his hand.

“That’s the thing Andrea, I’m not satisfied!” he screamed while rising for he felt he wasn’t even worthy of being touched by Andrea.

“I want to buy for you a house, a fancy car. I don’t want us to suffer for money,” stated Rhys hoping that Andrea would understand his actions and thoughts.

“I’m sorry Andrea but this is good-bye I guess,” mentioned Rhys while kissing the crying Andrea on her cheek. This moment was inevitable yet unavoidable, for just like in the ending of his book, so was the scenery of the end of his relationship with Andrea.


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