They were known as the Dragon’s Casino. Thousands of these casinos were located throughout the world, a monopolized business that seeped the world into financial crisis unseen before. People became more addicted to gambling than any drug. Jake was now feeling the ill-effects of having become addicted to gambling. He was fighting with his wife amidst their children, throwing a meaningless tantrum for the last bit of money they had saved.

“Jake please, no more!” pleaded Victoria while kneeling next to her children who were crying.

“Tell me where you hid it woman?” Jake furiously demanded the money that was kept aside for his children’s schooling.

“It’s over there – top drawer,” Victoria pointed, hugging onto her crying children. Their house lacked furniture as Jake had pawned most of it. Victoria thought of the children. She wished to never subject them again to Jake’s senseless tantrums.

“Yes!” said Jake relieved. He finally found the money and kissed it. His anger was now elapsed with sorrow and compassion as he saw the fear and tears of his family.

“I’m so sorry… But when daddy wins I’ll be back with more money,” Jake walked closer to both his children. He tried kissing both of them but they feared simply being touched by him.

“Just leave Jake, I’ll look after the children,” said Victoria she pushed him away and hugged her crying children. Jake stormed out the house.

Everything about Dragoon Casino was mesmerizing and riveting. Millions of people world-wide visited the many casinos. The casinos didn’t only stop the world from spinning, they were the world itself. Women dancing, orders of drinks circulating about, the clinging noise of someone hitting the jack-pot – almost everything filled the horizon of Jake’s mind.

“Finally we can be together again,” said Jake smiling as he now sat next to a slot machine.

Vices in his head constantly affirmed him that he would win should he continue to play. Jake though, was unaware that every machine was purposefully designed to make him lose. Dragon Casino had a tactic to hire someone and let that person win. Thus everybody who saw someone win naturally believed they would win as well. Psychological manipulation was effectively used by Dragon Casino. Every person not only lost their money, they lost their minds if not their very lives the moment they entered the casino’s doors.

Jake’s night started off good. He won a bit of money and with no voice of reasoning to persuade him that he should go away from the slots, he kept playing. However, having first been on the winning side, he now found himself losing all his money. He spent hours trying again and again until eventually he had lost everything. Dejected, he headed back home walking with his head down.

“Well, if it isn’t Jake,” said Disco. He had found the perfect yet risky business opportunity in offering loans to the many gambling addicts.

“Disco… I’ll pay you back soon,” Jake pleaded as he cowered in fear as Disco ordered his subordinates to grab Jake.

“Same excuses every time Jake. But this is the last time, you will always double-cross me,” said Disco. They had driven with Jake to the ocean where Jake had been beaten to a bloody pulp.

“Do it,” Disco gave yet another order and his subordinates dug a huge hole on the sea-shore. They placed Jake in the hole till his head was only visible. Such was the fate of all who angered Disco.

“By the time high-tide comes, I’m sure you have a few hours before then to repent of your worthless life,” Disco said cynically while walking away from the buried Jake.


“Mum, I’m sure one day daddy will change,” said Chrissie, Jake’s baby daughter.

“As if! I wish he never comes back,” said the angry Jayce over what he felt about his father.

“Jayce, don’t say that. Just like you, I’m angry. But forgiveness will ease your heart,” said Victoria while grabbing Jayce by his shoulder. “Your father one day will change, don’t lose hope.”


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