Loving another person is very consequential. You are wondering if you are loved or not. That question comes after you realise that you are deeply in love with that particular person. Loving a person hard only leads to being hurt. This is because you show him/her that you are in love and he/she will take advantage of that and use you until he/she meets someone better than you. That is not love, it’s called pretending. They pretend to be in love with you.

Love can be a completely different thing; it can bring hope to those who have given up on it. It brings out the best in a person but the feeling of being in love and being loved is different. Being in love needs you both to be attached together. Even if you don’t love that person but after spending more time together you will be love. Love needs attention. If you can give love it will definitely reward you with happiness. For you to be safe in love, you just need to make sure that you love those who love you back.

“When love has come to you it doesn’t wait for you welcome it, it settles in and brings joy to your heart”



A friend is a person who you know and trust. What happens if all of that is used against you? What you have shared being used as a weapon to take you down for good. Friends, who you trusted wholeheartedly, are the ones that always turn against us, “Let your enemy be your friend and your friend be your enemy,” this is because enemies don’t fake their feelings for you and they don’t pretend when you are around.
The person whom you call your best friend will suck you dry then he/she turns on you. When that happens you won’t only lose your trusted friend but you will be also losing yourself too. Then it will be up to you to save yourself. What is more concerning is what you will do after the healing process? Do you repeat that same mistake? Or do you choose to do things differently? It’s better to
have friends but don’t put them in your heart. You better put them in your mind. Avoid having a best friend and in that way you will save yourself from getting hurt a lot.

“When things start to get tough never lose yourself for people who are already lost, saving yourself will make a difference.”


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