1. Acceptance

Accepting who and what you are is never simple and that is why people end up doing
the wrong things. People cannot accept what they have. Accepting your situation
has always been tricky because no one wants to be where they are right now. So the sooner you understand your situation, the faster you will work hard to overcome hardships.

You can also work hard to change the world into something you want. So where you
come from can’t be where you are going. In changing your situation, remember to not lose yourself because you are very valuable and you can’t change if you have lost yourself.

“You are the only person who can change your situation, accept where you come from because it’s not where you are going.”

2. Hate


Hate is just like love, it can be tricky too. Sometimes you hate a person because you love him/her. Hate is another tool for killing a person. It can drive you to obsession so you end up losing control of yourself. Hate comes after love: before you hate a person, you love him/her. If you hate a person for no reason, it’s just a way of showing that you love him/her.

Hating a person you have loved can only mean one thing: that you have been hurt or played by that particular person. For your life to move on, limit hating many people. In that way you will succeed.

Hate goes like a merry-go-round, it’s just like lust, because someday it ends. One moment you are in love the next you are hurt, then you starting hating that person, not only because you guys have broken up but because you are still in love with him/her. From my side, hate is an excuse, which hides the exact feelings.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that, and hate cannot drive
out hate, only love can do that.”


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