I used to live in Ermelo. I’d wake up to birds chirping by my bedroom window. Everything sounded beautiful after those birds woke me up. Our house always smelled like a freshly baked cake. The people in that place are the friendliest, they never worried about what other people were up to.

I feel a bit sad when I go back there for holidays because the dogs on my street bark at me. They do not know me anymore. I wonder how the same dogs I used to play with can forget about me. Life is strange. Now that I live in a bustling, noisy place like Chatsworth I do not like the quietness of Ermelo anymore. I have gotten used to the noise, I guess.

But in the end Ermelo is still the best place I have ever been. I love visiting my aunt’s house, the smell of fresh baked cake and the way it looks. I want to visit again.