Dreams, a vision where you can see your future beyond limitations. We grew up saying we wanted to be doctors, lawyers and policemen, it was not as serious as we thought. We grew up and realised that a better future is what builds us.

Today we want to be engineers, event planners and the list goes on but why do we keep seeing ourselves achieving only in our dreams. Some of us only dream but do not take action starting by getting educated.
Yes, there are many people who would say, “I made it in life but I didn’t go to school,” but why do you compare yourselves to them? Why do you live your life according to other people’s lives? Why are you afraid of failing before you achieve.

Nothing comes easily; it takes hard work to benefit. If it takes more than one failure then fail and change those failures into new passions like Maya Angelou said, “No one can dim a light that shines from within.”
Wake up to chase your dreams don’t change them into nightmares. Quitting is never a solution but winning is.


Tell us: What is a dream you still wish to achieve?