I lost my parents at a young age. My dad left when I was in my grade 3. I never understood why he left; even today I still don’t!

When I was in Grade 6, my mom fell ill but yet she hid how much pain she felt. It was on a Sunday after church when I decided to rush back home because I felt pain that I didn’t know.
When I got home, my mom was getting sicker. I returned to church to call my siblings.

They got home and took my mom to the hospital. Later that week my mom passed on. I remember I was writing my final exams. After my mom’s burial, my dad passed on too. I hated him for leaving me. I hated him for not playing a father role in my life but I guess everything happens for a reason.

I accepted that they were no more. I finished my Grade 7 and had to stay with my sister, who’s now late as well.

Everyone was doing well, which is a good thing, and some didn’t care about who said what or what people thought. Emotions played on my mind and I nearly committed suicide. I felt alone and I got easily irritated but I prayed to God for a change of my mixed, complicated and unknown emotions.

Life is a journey but we can make a difference in our lives and society. Selfishness doesn’t pay sometimes. We all end have a choice in the end!


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