Raping and killing our children and women does not pay. Instead, it kills and is destroying our nation. The reason why I’m saying so is because some people who rape don’t feel embarrassed. Instead, they feel good. They feel good because they do not care about other people’s feelings, only theirs. That is the reason why I’m saying raping and killing children and women does not pay. Each and every day, women and children are victims of being raped and killed, especially in rural areas.

Some children and women are being raped and killed by their loved ones such as neighbours, friends, colleagues, and their uncles. Most of the time, children and women are being raped and killed in different situations. Some of them are being raped and killed for money. Some because they had done something great, and some because they cannot defend themselves. Sometimes, when I hear that someone had been raped I think, ask myself, and wonder why each and every day children and women are being raped and killed. But the answer would be maybe they can’t defend themselves, or it is because they engage themselves.

Some people, when they find themselves in the situation of being raped, think it’s their fault and they are cursed. Our world has become ugly and the most dangerous place ever because each and every day our mothers, sisters, cousins, relatives, neighbours, and friends are being raped and killed. They are being killed and raped like dogs. Why are you guys always torturing us by violating our rights as women? Why are you changing the real world by doing wrong and painful things to us? Is it because us as women cannot defend and fight for ourselves, or it because you want to torture us? But why?

The world of our forefathers was very beautiful and safe, but now it is very ugly and dangerous. It was beautiful because our forefathers had always loved and respected our grandmothers, but now our brothers and fathers do not respect and love our mothers and sisters.

The reason why I wrote this is because of how I feel emotionally about the raping and killing of our children and women.