The eyes are the windows of the soul. Looking through them is like opening your soul to someone else’s soul, connected with all the emotional feelings. You feel free, gentle and kind. Your heart and brain connects softly, but surely you realise you are more than what meets the eye.

The key is unique that’s why it does not open other locks, the universal key opens all locks yet it is not unique. Your soul is like that key, it opens only your unique personality. Do not ever second guess yourself, you’re worth more than you think you’re worth, your hands hold your future to get wherever possible.

The effect of life can make you forget your way. With four walls, a ceiling and the floor, there are two ways out, the windows and the door. The windows let in air, they are not made to be the way out. You are wise enough to know that the only way out is the way through to freedom and peace. Remember to open the door of life.


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