A journalist was doing regular interviews about convicts, and suddenly a young boy almost his son’s age passes by. As creepy as the boy was looking he had tattoos all over his body, and on his forehead there was a tattoo ” why me mom?”

The journalist walked towards the boy. She was scared but she greeted the boy,

“Hello son,”

“Hosh,” was the boy’s response.

The lady asked the boy if she could interview him and the boy agreed.

“What happened to you? Why are you in this place?” she asked.

“It started when I was fourteen years old living in the Manenberg Cape flats. My father died in a car accident, and my mom became a drunkard. She had a relationship with this uncle of mine, Errol, who would beat her every day. But I met two guys in Bel Viel High and they became my best friends.

“Our operation started by going through school bags; stealing other kids’ stuff. And one of the guys that was my friend, his uncle Cameron came out of jail, he was a 28 general; a prison gang leader. So we told him how we operated, he was so shocked that three small boys were capable of doing that.

“So time went by, where the three of us wanted so bad to be 28’s members. So the General said he could figure something out because it’s very uncanny for 14 year olds to be 28 recruits.

“So one day we were smoking Tik, he came with a very bad looking guy, someone I will describe as SCARY. He had tattoos all over his body, and on his eye lids he had 28 tattooed on them. The guy’s name was Benjamin, the most dangerous gang leader in Polmoor prison.

“So Cameron told the guy we wanted to be new gang recruits and the guy said it was okay as long as we stick to the principles. So we were recruited.

“One night I found my uncle Errol, trying to have sexual intercourse with my mom by force. I snapped. I pulled a golf stick behind the door and bashed the guy’s jaws out. But my mom supported him and told me I was a useless child. She said she wanted me out of her house and I went to Cameron’s house.

“We were smoking heroin when two sergeants came knocking the door down. And when we tried to run, they shot Cameron on his back, and I was caught by the other cops who were outside. We were arrested, Cameron was sent to Pollsmoor prison again, I was sent to Barberton Juvenile Prison in Mpumalanga.

“Rumours had it that Cameron was stuck on a wheelchair for life, apparently the bullet ripped his spinal cord. We both were sentenced two years. On my last day in the cell, one of the generals there said if I wanted to climb the ladder and become a general too, I have to stab a warden. I did as I was told, but worse part is that the warden never made it, he died due to internal bleeding.

“I was sent Pollsmoor prison where Cameron was held, only to find out that Cameron was killed by other inmates. So again a war broke out between the gangs: big 5 and 28’s. A few 28’s were injured; I have a huge scar across my eye. See that? And two big 5 members were killed. And I was accused no 1, and accused no 2 was one of the guys I met in Bel Viel, and accused number 3 was a black guy known as Rooi Gadanga.

“Me and accused number 3 were sentenced 2 life sentences, 25 + 25, 50 years in prison. Ma’am that’s my story. ”