If break of dawn comes and my absence seems fatal, seek for me in your hearts, that’s where I reside. If time strikes the lethal hour, never think I’m miles away because I shall reincarnate inside your hearts and never ever depart.

If it pours, remember in your souls, I once found a habitat. Remember the soul doesn’t limp nor does it walk with a crutch, so if you summon my presence, I will come. If you bemoan my demise, search through your mind because that’s where I wrote my tale of existence, keep it sacred until the flip of age and time.

Dry your eyes and remember I am not gone, I just teleported into a dimension of peace. Remember things I did during my reign and never forget, even tragedy was written on a tabloid as part of our cast. If you need something to make you smile, remember love is an ultimatum and what I shared with you is prime. Seek for me and in your hearts, I shall shed light.


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