Nations are crying oh Lord, we crying to you Heavenly Father. The enemy has come and it is destroying us. It’s killing everyone, both young and old. Our doctors are trying hard to defeat the enemy but it keeps having power over us. This enemy called ‘Corona’ has not only killed us, but it has destroyed our future plans, our financial stability and religious practices.

This enemy has stopped us from gathering together and worship you, Lord. Your people are dying out there, children are becoming orphans oh Lord. Others are becoming widows, deliver us. Be merciful to us and restore our health. Show us the way of defeating this enemy; clearly we cannot do it without You.

Lord, please, heal those who have been attacked by this enemy and comfort those who have lost their loved ones. Strengthen those who work under the threat of this enemy. Protect each and everyone in this world. Cover them under your wings and deliver them from corona.


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