Where do I even begin?

It all started in the upper room where they were waiting for You. They waiting for Your presence and were so hungry for You, because You’re such a wonderful and beautiful Person, that if anyone is hungry and thirsty, You come and satisfy their hunger and thirst. When they call You, You answer, when they need help, You come to their rescue. Oh, beautiful Holy Spirit, oh my best friend.

As the disciples were waiting for You in the upper room, so I wait every day for Your presence in my room, my secret place, where you and I meet every day. Not having a best friend, since my childhood years, was so boring and lonely, not knowing that I would meet and have a great relationship with You, the feeling is just amazing and overwhelming. To know You more and to fellowship with You all day, every day is not at all boring. My heart, my mind, my soul, my life is hungry for You. You came into my life and I was made whole.

One of the reasons I love being alone (not really alone because I’m always with You) is because it’s where we can have communion without being disturbed and it’s just us. Ahh, I love that! I love Your presence. You’ve became my best friend, my comforter, my lover and also the King of my heart and for that, I’ll forever be grateful. I always pray that God may not cast me away from His presence or take Your Holy Spirit away from me. He can take everything away from me but not Your presence, my dear friend.
Many don’t know You, many think they know You, many have a false image of who you are. Reality is that You’re a person, longing for our attention, a person that is so sweet, so lovely, so gentle and so humble and I will live my life to know You more, only You. My wish is that everyone could know You and have a relationship with You because, we cannot be in touch with the Father and Son without You.

I promise to love You with every part of me. I promise to be loyal with our friendship. I promise to make time for us. I promise to honour, respect, fear and worship you at all times.

Your best friend,


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