Dear future, don’t be so hard on me.

It was 2018 when I was doing my matric. I was so determined and goal driven; my future was the only thing on my mind. I had substantial hopes of going to university and becoming a chartered accountant, not thinking that there would be a boulder in the way. These thoughts were positive thoughts that were concocted by me and my good friends, not knowing that we were all wearing the same uniform, sitting at the same desks, but not all of us would succeed in the long run.

It is now 2021. I am currently doing nothing since I matriculated. My future has been hurling me into a deep dark pit because it is the only thing on my mind. One thing I abhor is that I am now 20 years old, but I feel like I have failed in life. There is something telling me that I should abolish this feeling, I should not surmise everything about my future. I need to be mighty and persevere, I can be what I want to be.


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