South Africa attained freedom on the 27 April 1994. This has made the month of April freedom month and April 27 Freedom Day. Our freedom did not come easy. It came as a result of a bitter struggle against apartheid, a political system which oppressed black people in their own country.

That is why it is very important that when we celebrate our freedom we also have to remember people who fought so hard for it. Some people were killed, others are cripples even today. Some people disappeared; others were tortured and fed to crocodiles. Events like 16 June 1976, Sharpville and many others are a few examples of tragedies of apartheid. So we must never forget our heroes.

Freedom brought with it fruits we must all be proud of. Today in our country education is free, we must all go to school because we have a right to education. We are fed and no one attends school with an empty stomach. Corporal punishment is not allowed and we learn without fear. Our government gives us child support grants to improve our lives. There is free health care for all.

As a result of freedom, we are all equal before the law. Our constitution protects all of us; we have a right to vote for parties we like without fear. People are free to join parties they like. People are free to move as they like.

In a nutshell, the freedom we enjoy today must not be taken for granted. It is very important to all of us and it must protected by all of us. We must protect our constitution because it guarantees our freedom. We are a rainbow nation because we are different races and cultures but we also have responsibilities. We must be responsible citizens. Let us not do drugs, let’s stay away from taverns, let us avoid teenage pregnancy. We must do our home and school works. We must respect both our teachers and parents.