Black child, listen to this, and listen carefully, black child. You are black, the colour of your skin, you shall embrace that.

I just thought it would be good if I reminded you that you, yourself, are enough and worth a lot. You being black doesn’t mean you should underestimate or undermine yourself, but you better rejoice. You are enough and should never doubt that. The melanin in you says it all and you should cherish and appreciate that skin of yours, after all, it is your skin.

You are the queen of your own kingdom, so love yourself more. Don’t go for the skin bleaching powders and creams trying to copy other people’s skin colour. They themselves would like to have the same skin colour as you, but there is nothing they can do because there is no cream that can give them melanin.

That’s the reason why they created skin bleaching or lightening creams, it is their way of avoiding seeing the beauty in you. You are beautiful, you are unique the way you are, and you should always bear that in mind.

You are enough, beautiful, fantastic and fabulous. You are an African and it is about time you celebrate that and are proud of yourself.

Remember you are the face of Africa.


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