I am glad she did not judge the book by its cover or she would never have ended up being married to him!

Enhle looked down at the long, red strap and silver buckle; all that was left of her beloved last best dress. Then she looked at Snoopy who was Nancy’s dog. He sat in the corner in his lopsided, sloppy way, his back legs out to the side, his forelegs planted in front, held firm by his massive pancake-like feet. His eyes looked watery. Could he be crying, Enhle wondered? She had shouted at him quite viciously. At the very least he looked sorry.

Being an orphan had not been easy for Enhle. Her parents had died on the spot in a fatal accident when she was nine years old, leaving her with her grandmother who had then passed away when she was sixteen. She had matriculated, but had never been employed and this compounded her problems. Hustling was the life she knew now. Sharing an apartment with Nancy and Hilda was not making it better either as these two girls were from a better background. All her misery lodged like a thorn in her heart whenever she thought about her situation. However, she did not cease to pray for salvation, but it was nowhere to be seen anywhere near the horizon.

The day she had been waiting for all her life had finally arrived, but it seemed that the sun and the moon were against her. Snoopy had torn her special dress, which she was to wear the next morning to the interview, into fragments. Her mind was whirling with reflections of anxiety so much that she could not think straight. The only clothes she had been left with were rags. What was she going to wear for her interview which was the following day at nine o’clock in the morning?

It was a gloomy morning. The cars were hooting in the busy streets and everyone was rushing to work. The sun was out dispersing the cold weather of the previous night. Enhle waited at the entrance door of the company, holding her Curriculum Vitae and basking in the sun. It was just a short time before her name was called. She became nervous and uneasy but as she entered the office, all her fear vanished. After the interview, she was told to wait at reception. A long time later she was called in again and her heart was racing fast. Her heart beat faster with excitement when the manager told her that she had gotten the job as a cashier at one of the biggest supermarkets in South Africa.

It had been over a year since Enhle had started working at Shoprite Supermarket. She was ambitious and dedicated to her job. Her humility caused many people to be fond of her. She enjoyed every second she spent on the till, but one day something strange happened. A young man entered the supermarket, but Enhle had never seen him before. Her eyes were glued to him and her mouth was open with amazement. This man was handsome and she had never felt like this before. He walked towards her and greeted her, but she was numb and she was losing her breath. He asked Enhle for a date and obviously she agreed. It was love at first sight!

Ronald was handsome, but at first appearance, anyone could tell he was poor. The date was a success and the two love birds did not take time to reveal their feelings for each other. Nancy and Hilda did not approve of Enhle’s relationship with Ronald who was a taxi driver. Enhle was a stunning beauty and they always thought she was going to be married to a millionaire. It is true that love is blind, but I did not know it was also deaf. Enhle did not listen to any of them. Unfortunately, their efforts to separate these two hearts were in vain, as love can conquer all.

Enhle could not think unless she was thinking about Ronald. She could also not talk or sing unless it was all about Ronald and this irritated the only family she had left. Nancy and Hilda had deserted her, so she always felt lonely when she was not with Ronald. This boy was driving her crazy and she was ready to spend the rest of her life with him. Surely, he was her everything and her rock.

Ronald invited the three girls to his friend Maxwell’s birthday party. Obviously, Nancy and Hilda did not turn down the invitation because they liked partying although they hated Ronald for stealing their friend’s heart. On the day of the party, they all woke up early and they dressed to kill. If you did not look properly, you would not have recognised them. They were astonishing.

As they were about to leave for the party, there was a limousine waiting for them outside. The driver told them that he had been ordered to take them to the party so they did not argue. It took an hour to arrive at the venue. As they entered, it did not seem as if there was a party taking place there. It was like one of the major hotels in town. They were led inside but, to their surprise, this was not a hotel. As they reached the sitting room, there was the king of the castle with Ronald at his side. Ronald was a prince after all! He was the heir to the throne and was to be crowned that day. They could not believe what they were seeing.

It turned out that the taxi driver Enhle had fallen in love with was a Prince and that made Enhle the future queen of the kingdom. Hilda and Nancy apologized for trying to break Ronald and Enhle up. Who would have known that the poor taxi driver was really a prince?