I remember when we first met. He was so loving and caring that I thought, this is my happiness.

He would take me out for a picnic and make me laugh the whole day, you would swear we were happily married. I told myself I’ll never love a man like this one because he was the only man in my life. Until he transferred R2 000 from my account on a Friday evening.

He later told me he couldn’t come because of work, I didn’t mind. But then on Saturday around 16h00, my friend came by to tell me about my best friend and my boyfriend that they were grooving the whole night.

I couldn’t believe it until he came to me, saying he was coming from Durban whilst his texts were saying he was in Cape Town. I confronted him and that’s when he punched me to quieten me. The second punch was so I should take off my jeans. He raped me.

Afterwards I went to report him at the police station near me. He was arrested and came out with on R1 000 bail.

I am critical but stable because I am a strong woman. And even though I’m physically weak, but I shall not stay down. But I’ll encourage our sisters not to keep quiet to such behaviours, a man’s love should be respect to his lover.


Tell us: What do you think the punishment for a person convicted of rape should be?