A community is supposed to be a place that is safe and protected. In our communities we are not safe at all because of the criminals, especially in the morning and afternoon when we are going to school. Others going to work do not feel well or safe.

Criminals are intruding our homes with the intention of stealing money, televisions and another appliances so that they can get money to buy drugs. Others are joining gangs. When we go to school we cannot walk more than 3,5km. Young boys are forced to join gangs by other gangsters even if they do not want to be part of it.

Others, if they smoke drugs, they will rape and kill, and then try to hide the evidence. But they end up being caught by the police because even if someone is able to do bad things in the darkness, the truth will later be revealed, and they will need to face the consequences.

In the malls, they are bombing ATMs and stealing money. Some of these criminals act as if they are helping people to draw their money, but rather their intention is to block the card and steal.

In order to prevent crime and danger in our community, we must be united and report those who use drugs. I hope the police can play a role to protect everyone, especially us when we go to school. We are victims. If the municipality could install some CCTV cameras in the locations to watch us and have police that respond quickly when called, it would help.

Many people who become criminals are young – age group 14 to 35 years. Some of them refuse to be restrained by their parents from these things. If a person continues doing wrong to the people, they either end up being killed or being sentenced to prison.

I have seen one of the criminals being killed by members of the community due to his robbery. Others abuse their parents, stealing their parent’s money. Some of them target the elders who live alone and hurt them physically. I’m not feeling well because some criminals have taken my things, like my clothes and shoes.

My advice to those who destroy themselves with these kinds of corruption, is that they restrain themselves and try to live a good life, so that they can be successful at the end of the day and make their parents proud. Their parents have suffered and struggled to raise them.

To all those who are doing these crimes, they must stop. They are violating the rights of others. Everyone has the right to feel free and safe in the community.