Motivation is a popular song that when played, we all sing along to the lyrics. Too many times we’re told – or rather “motivated” – to study hard or to behave in a certain manner because that will direct our future layouts. But nothing really happens.

I believe the problem is not the motivation, the problem is not life or any other person in your circle. The problem is you as an individual – you have a problem with your thinking and this makes you lesser from the level you claim to be at. Honestly speaking, there’re no giants out there – your fear is the giant that stands in the way of your development. Your negative thinking is the giant that kills your incoming success. You’re the only demon against your own success.

Are you ready?

Before sucking in all these motivational talks and speeches, before your medulla oblongata synchronises the Ted Talks you listen to, before applying what you read in the motivational books – answer this question first. Assess yourself and see if you have what it takes to undergo the mission for what you have set to embark on. Ask yourself if you have what it takes to be a successful success. If not, introspect yourself.

What goals have you set for yourself in order to complete your mission? Like any other day, you will receive motivational speeches, listen to Ted Talks, podcasts and read motivational books – but all these things don’t work without goals. And goals are not effective without the passion for what you’re doing – and passion without talent is a lost soul. In other words, I’m saying:

1) you need to have a talent.
2) have passion for your talent
3) have goals to help you work your talent passionately to the top.

Obviously, you need to work hard for your talent to consequence out proudly. Working hard means being consistent on whatever that you’re working on: be writing, sports, medicine, art, singing etc. For example, Michael Jordan is a basketball legend. Why? Because he worked so hard, he sweat his way to the top. He didn’t practice only when he felt like it, he practiced even though he didn’t want to. He was consistent.

Consistency is the key.

Vision is an eye opener. Vision is a driving force of our development. When we’ve got the vision, we’ve got the manual to success. Whenever we want to call it quits, we remember that we have unconsciously planted a seed of hope in other’s hearts – and we carry on in the hope of not wanting to disappoint anyone.

For example, Bridget Nwovhe is South Africa’s TOP student of the year 2018. This lady has a vision bigger than the head she carries on her neck. A vision that most of us wouldn’t carry on with – to be there when they find a cure for HIV/AIDS. But she stands firm on the ground on top of it.

Motivation is not the absence of dreams. Dream for yourself and stop living other people’s dreams. Stop chasing other people’s dreams. I’m not telling you to be selfish here. I’m simply telling you the truth that we shun away from, the truth that we don’t want to face because it hurts. Let your dreams be the directors of your hard work, for dreams never replace hard work.

I am telling you all this because I know that no one else will tell you this truth. These motivational speakers and writers are so eager to make money.

I would love for you to introspect. You never know what lies ahead in this life. And life’s too short for depending on other people’s opinions and motivation. Success lies within you as an individual, you either let it out or burry it deep inside, the choice is yours. I am not against any motivational speaker, I’m only trying to give you a raw cut of how things realistically are.


Tell us: How do you motivate yourself?