Growing up I was raised by a single mother who played both the role of mom and dad. After she passed on I and my siblings went through a lot of pain and trauma. We eventually went to live with my aunt and her family.

Though we had a home I was still lost and empty inside. I then joined the Siyaphila family where I actually rediscovered myself. I got to know what love is. They gave me a platform to be me and discover my talents. Gogo Nondumiso played the role of supportive grandmother. Aus Retang taught me how to believe in myself again. Kagiso played the role of father. He pushed me beyond the limits and taught me what having a dad means. Every moment we spent together the space that my biological dad left eventually closed. He taught me what love meant, and always pushed me to be the better version of me.

The Siyaphila team taught me what having a family feels like. Today I am who I am because of these people. I will forever cherish them for what they have done for me.