Dear boyfriend

My words may not be convincing for you to think I love you, my body expressions may not be convincing, but I give myself to you because love has no face, it has no ears, it has no body shape nor has legs. Love is still, it’s pure, it’s welcoming. Its warmth is like a shelter for your soul, it gives you summer when you are in winter.

Love is wonderful. It sacrifices, it compromises for its loved ones even though circumstances may be difficult.

I may not be the first lady in your eyes, nor can I be the last in your eyes, but I’m proud to say I am me. I won’t change. Like a zebra won’t change its skin colour, I will always be this black and white. Like the sea won’t change its colour, I will always be me. Like a tree that brings forth fruits, so will it be the same for me.

I will be a person who is always loving. I may not be the perfect partner you wished for, but I am a butterfly. I will always fly and surely someone might find me attractive with my wings.

Because leaves fade away and flowers wither away, it doesn’t mean I will also fly away and fade to dust into the thin air.

Like a tree I will grow, and like water I will feed the river.

Love is patient, it’s willing, it’s encouraging, it’s courageous and bold. My love is bold and it’s daring. I cannot imagine a life without you. It’s like drawing water from the well that has no water flowing.

Once I saw you, although love was so hard, I knew that my heart was willing and it already gave itself to you. When I saw you again I knew I was ready to love you.

Love comes in many forms. It’s like a cloud, it has many forms of patterns and shapes. It always changes, but a set heart with love won’t go astray.

What heart made me fall into this kind of love? My love knew you before, so it was simple to plead my case.


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