Two friends trekked for months into the Amazon, in search of a mythical fruit, the Blood Apple.

“Jake, I can’t anymore, let’s just give up,” said Irving. He was infatuated with acquiring the fruit that he negated the consequences.

“No, Irving! We’re so close, we’re already past David’s Peak, the Mayan Cave and now we’re here, on Eve Plateau,” said Jake as he tried to persuade Irving to not give up as yet.

The fruit was said to grant immortality to anyone who ate it. The tree would mysteriously appear every millennium, it was said to have been the tree of life. Its mere existence was kept secret to the masses, only those wise enough to have deciphered both mythical and biblical texts knew it existed.

In the past three millennia, the tree sprouted in the Himalayan Mountains, Australian bush-veldt and Drakensburg Mountains respectively. The next area after the Amazon was estimated to be the Galapagos Island.

The rain began pelting in a torrential downpour and they trekked through a muddy terrain which made walking difficult. A few more metres and soon they’d come across the tree. Jake never once deterred from this obsession because of his fear of death.

“There it is!” screamed Jake, as he rushed forward and Irving was reduced to kneeling. Their efforts weren’t in vain. The tree appeared glossy. It looked like a normal tree but the opposite was said of its fruit.

Crimson in colour, Jake beheld immortality in his hand. He took a bite from the fruit as anticipation was cut-throat.

“Well how do you feel?” asked Irving out of curiosity.

“I’m as normal as can be. But there’s only one way to find out, stab me with your knife,” mentioned Jake.

“No way, what if it’s just some bogus lie, Jake?” replied Irving, hesitant to stab Jake.

“OK, fine! Then I’ll do it myself,” said Jake as he grabbed the knife intending to stab himself in his stomach.

“Arrgghh damn!” Jake screamed as he fell on the ground clutching his stomach. However, he felt no pain, he was acting simply on instinct.

His wound miraculously began healing on its own; the sight they saw was unexplainable. Irving bit from the fruit as well. What the two didn’t know was the cataclysmic consequences of eating the fruit.


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