“Crash it,” ordered Mr X while smiling that ever malevolent smile of his. Mr. X in his usual attire, a full black suit, sleek back blonde hair and though he possessed a handsome face; it appeared sardonic in appearance. Gathered before him, were the world’s most influential economist and financiers. Mr. X aimed to dominate the world domination along with the organization he was a part of. The collapse of the entire world’s financial system was set to crash forever on that day.

“Those fools, first we made money from their God now we remove the money altogether,” Mr. X said arrogantly. He was shy to show just how cruel and evil he was

“Sir, if we do that then the entire world will be in chaos,” said Washington, one of the best economists in the world. Washington was a humble man despite his accolades and influence. This was now shown in his disapproval of Mr. X’s plan to cause such anarchy upon humanity. However, Mr. X was not a man with a conscious or benevolent disposition towards humanity.

“Remember, your wife and daughter could be killed with a click from my finger,” Mr. X threatened Washington. The threat counted for everyone else that was present as well, insubordination could cost the life of their entire family.

“Crash it now!” an angry Mr. X ordered Washington and the rest of the gathered economist and financiers in the room who then all commenced to pres buttons. All the shutdown happened immediately and every stock, trade, economy, investment, and any form of currency became useless. The chaos Mr. X desired in humanity was necessary for him to control the masses. The effect was immediate upon society; riots and protesting swept throughout the world.

“Perfect everything’s going according to plan,” said the ever-sneering Mr. X, who was all the more thrilled for being the Geppetto society. People rioting and the cause of the violence that occurred in the world was yet another part of society that Mr. X and his organization manipulated and engineered.

“Finally a moneyless society,” Mr. X said gleefully to himself. He and his organization had always controlled and dictated how money was distributed and who it was given to. They chose who would be rich or poor, when, why and how was dictated by them as well. Every financial crisis was directly the effect of their doing for their own selfish end, world domination.

“So when will the new form of finance come into existence?” Mr. X asked his distraught and unwilling subordinates.

“Very soon Sir. Just as you ordered, every person will have a bar-code on their body dictating who gets to purchase in society,” Washington said.

The concept behind this bar-code was to let people spend a limited amount on their needs. Though this was the case in truth; the bar-code served yet another purpose. The ultimate truth of the bar-code was to constantly keep track on people’s lives. Mr. X was edging ever closer to complete domination over humanity. A few extra difficulties posed challenging but Mr. X knew it was simply a matter of time.

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