A loud voice shouted, help, help! Desperate for an abusive man’s love, enduring it all hoping that one of these days he will change. Purple bruises were all over the pinkish face; the pillow was always soggy as if it had rained on top of it. She faked smiles trying to fool herself, saying that she was okay.

The beast arrives at home with a crocodile smile and a bunch of wondrous scented flowers, fake words of apology, deceiving the destitute woman desperate for love. Blinded by his words she accepts his apology. After a few more words the beast with the crocodile smile leads the destitute woman to the bedroom to fulfil his lust. The destitute woman forces herself into the bedroom with a fake smile, but with a broken heart.

She saw that it wasn’t because he loved her that he wanted to be with her, it was merely to fulfil his lust. The beast rushed towards her, took off her garment but she resisted. He beat the destitute women with a whip, she sobbed and fought back. The beast rushed to his pillow and retrieved his gun. He pulled the trigger and the bullet bit her brain. She fell down, drowning in the ocean of blood. Her biting bullet lead her to bite the bust.


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