Beauty was a good girl; loving, trustworthy and respectful. She grew up in a poor family, her parents were working hard to support their children so that they could go to bed with a full stomach. Beauty had a brother, Patrick, who was very sick. Everyone in the house was worried and stressed because of Patrick.

One morning Patrick woke up sick. He did not want to eat. His father went up and down for help and getting medicine for Patrick. Beauty and her mother did not know what to do, everything was just a mess. Their father was tired and sweating, but he got Patrick the medication. It did not help though, so they decided to take him to the hospital.

The hospital needed money, but Patrick’s family did not have it so Patrick’s father decided to go and borrow some money. On his way back he got hit by a car. When they got the news that their father was gone, it became more painful after Patrick also passed away.

They had no money for the burial, but they made a plan and they managed to do it. It was painful for Beauty and her mother. No one wanted to help until Future came into her life. Future was in love with Beauty, but her mother did not know and besides her mother had an eye problem so she could not see anything.

Beauty told Future that her mother could not see anything, but Future understood, he accepted and wanted to see her.

The following day Future came to Beauty’s house. They sat down and started the conversation until Future proposed to Beauty. Beauty cried and the most painful thing was that Beauty’s mother could not see it.

Future said, “I am going to pay for your mother’s eyes and you Beauty, I am going to pay your fees, you are going to school.”

Beauty and her mother were so happy, they even cried because their dreams were coming true. They thanked the Lord for everything.


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