I woke up and slowly uncovered my sheet. I looked around the room, and all my siblings were sound asleep. It was hard for me to sleep. I forced myself back to sleep but I failed. I finally gave up the idea.

I crawled near the window and looked outside. It was too dark and windy. I looked at the sky and saw the stars; they were too bright and apart. I wondered what kept them apart. I became dizzy and lowered my head. I shook my head this way and that. It worked. The world around me stopped spinning and I remembered that my mom had been in town that day. Sugar! She bought sugar. My stomach growled at the thought of sugar.

I slowly lifted myself up and closed the curtain. I walked straight to the door and I accidentally stepped on someone and he groaned. I snored loudly, pretending to be asleep and the person I had woken bought the trick. He went back to his sleep and I heard him snoring. I stepped on the bare floor and thuds circulated around the room. I covered my mouth with my hands not wanting to panic. I tip toed until I reached the door. When I opened the door it creaked. I stopped and shut my eyes. I pulled it slowly until I snuck out successfully.

I looked in the hallway and no one was there. My bladder was about to explode in few seconds. I rushed into the bathroom and released all the liquid in my bladder. I didn’t switch the light on. No one had to find out that I was awake at that time of the night. I had to flush the toilet. I stood there thinking what to do. Aha! I took a cup in the drawer. I filled it with tap water from the sink and poured it at the inner wall of the toilet. Soon I was finished and was ready to shove those sweet and super tiny granules down my throat. I wasn’t going to be derailed by anything or anyone.

I walked into the kitchen carefully. It was dark. I stood beside the cabinet and opened all the drawers and shelves searching. I was unsuccessful. The only cabinets left were the ones taller than me. I jumped higher than Kobe Bryant when shooting from under the net and hit the button, attempting to open the cabinet. It didn’t open. Oh my, my! After all the effort I put, it was locked. Tears were boiling in my eyes and my stomach didn’t help by constantly growling.

I needed a plan, very quickly. I took the stool surrounding the table and stood on top of it. I stretched my hand and patted at the top of the cabinet in search for a key. It was hard to search in the darkness. I climbed up and finally was on top. My eyes quickly scanned the top and met the silver key. My cheeks danced. I snatched it and put it in my pocket. I had to climb down now. Mhmmmm, I was screwed. I jumped down and thuds filled the room and the hallway echoed. I waited to hear if someone had heard me and woke up. No lights went on.

I went back to my first position and stood on the stool. I put the key in and turned it. The cabinet doors opened and I had never been that happy in my life. I took the box of sugar and put it on the table. Closing the cabinet was very tricky. Those were the longest seventeen seconds of my life.

I got off the stool and faced the box on top of the table with the world’s biggest smile. I pulled the drawer and pulled out the biggest eating spoon my family owned. I scooped sugar and filled it in my mouth. My taste buds danced and I felt satisfaction. I scooped the second spoon, when it was midway to my widely opened mouth, the lights went on. Mom looked at me with a disapproving look. She said I must go back to sleep, and I did.

At least I got one mouthful spoon.